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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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relentless rain. floodwaters rise on the west coast. and mud slides threaten. could it bring trouble our way? hi. i'm kai jackson. mary is off. here's what people are talking about. evacuations are under way from southern california to arizona. streets are flooded. and homes are being washed away from their foundation. kendis gibson reports for wjz, the threat of dangerous mudslides could last for weeks. too much rain, too fast. put downtown laguna beach under water. >> 3:00 in the morning, we got about a 15-minute rush. and it was just like something in central america. >> southern california is getting soaked for the fifth straight day. but this is the most powerful storm yet. >> we have some areas receiving as much as 2 or 3 inches of rain per hour. >> they worked to clean up the
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force. laguna beach shop owners and residents have a huge mess on their hand. >> earlier today, this shopping district was flooded with more than four feet of storm runoff. now there's mud everywhere. the worst laguna beach has seen in more than a decade. each when the wet weathers was out. mud slides are threatening more than 200 homes. officers went door to door, ordering some to evacuate. >> i truly realize that this is the holiday season, but your lives are more important. >> we know when it's time to go. if we need to go. >> reporter: the monster storm has already triggered several landslides. and rescuers spent another day, helping motorists, trapped in fast-moving water. kendis gibson, cbs news, laguna
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beach, california. for a closer look at what is causing those horrible conditions out west and what it could bring us. meteorologist bernadette woods is live in the first warning weather center. our hearts go out to those folks, bern. >> it is really a mess out there. and it's not finished yet. i want to show you first doppler radar. the end is in sight. but it is still ongoing at this hour. you can see all of this moisture in southern california, making its way into the desert southwest. not very desert like right now. but when i put it into motion, there's this spin. once that swings onshore, it's going to cut off the moisture at least temporarily. and things will start to improve. but before that happens, you will see more issues going on. then it's that system, that we're going to track, moving our way over the weekend. let's take a look at this graphic here. a lot of people are concerned about the forecast. if we get this storm, that's still an " if ." that's still through saturday. looking good saturday.
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it won't be until sunday and monday that we'll see this storm. almost like a hurricane track forecast here. if it takes that western track, we're going to get a storm out of this. but there's still the chance. we'll keep you up-to-date in about four days. if you'd like to learn more about this home, you can read bernadette's blog, click on weather. then on weather blog at the top of the page. horse racing is still alive in maryland. and the governor has announced the preakness preak will stay at pimlico for another year. in annapolis, governor martin it's malley celebrated the dispute that would have meant no preakness today. it keeps the triple crown second jewel in maryland. between 3 1/2 and 4 million dollars will be redirected from the state's slot machines proceeds to pay for operating costs. the deal still needs to be approved.
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>> this agreement came the day after. much more in our live report coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. it was the deadliest fire in the city this year. and today, the six victims of last week's tragedy in east baltimore were remembered. andrea fujii has the story. >> nearly 3,000 people attended the funerals for three generations of the satterfield family. >> it's a horrific law. >> the six members of the family died december 14th. killed were homeowners, 75-year- old richard satterfield and his wife of 49 years, 69-year-old eleanora. their granddaughter, 26-year- old tiara goldston and her children. >> they wanted for nothing. and they were always interesting. beautiful. i mean, amare was a great
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student. she was always there for a holiday. she was happy to see us. and we were happy to see her. she would always bring the kids along. she was a really good cousin. >> the service was great. >> mr. and mrs. satterfield will be laid to arrest -- rest in north carolina, their home state. >> i can't imagine what it's like to lose your parents and nieces and nephews, and a sister all in one day. >> all of the family says they can do is lean on each other. and remember these old and young lives cut tragically short. >> beautiful people. beautiful people. >> andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and it is not clear if the home had working smoke detectors.
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>> fire investigators say one person was hurt. but the injuries are said to be minor. the cause is unknown. a miami fashion model. valentina huge lawyers for cubs confirms she was behind the wheel in that crash. but they say she'll be cleared of any wrong doing. a former employee pleads guilty to stealing from the school show she could buy rugs for his house. the former director of the visual arms department apparently made fake invoices. as director, he was allowed to approve the invoices himself. sentencing is set for may 25th. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz
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traffic control. hi, sharon. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. still a busy ride on the beltway. if you are traveling on the north side inner loop. watch out for brake lights. as far as loop, stop and go from york to dulaney valley road. heavy traffic from the harbor tunnel throughway to whitemarsh boulevard. average speed, about 25 miles an hour. and in the dundalk area, we have a crash. closed between stokley. and in cockeysville, another crash to watch out for, from shawon to -- shawon. . overall, drive times on the inner loop from 95. 35 miles an hour to get through. you can take a look at heavy traffic. 50 eastbound at 424. and another look there at the beltway, west of york road.
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about 15 minutes to get there. this traffic report is brought to you by nissan. innovation you can count on. innovation for all. for great deals, visit choose today. back over to you. >> all right, kristy. thank you. a new doctor has stepped up to buy a group of rare baseball cards from a group of nuns. nicholas agreed to buy the hoinous wagner card, hoping to launch his own museum. it went for $22,000. when the winning bidder didn't pay up, he agreed to put up the money. still ahead. chicago fire. how many are recovering from their injuries. and a romanian mine caves in and it's caught on tape. plus. i'm ron matz at the joseph a banks store in towson. and it's time for miracle ties. how you can help the johns hopkins children's center. the story coming up right here on wjz. winter weather in the
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forecast. when we could see it, coming up in the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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amazing video in romania. authorities say the crater was formed after a salt mine caved in and damaged the structure of the building. two neighboring buildings were evacuated. officials say the hole is continuing to grow. with the diameter now at more than 600 feet. terrifying moments for a man in florida, after a monkey goes on a violent rampage through his house. officials say the monkey made its way through the neighbor's house. it attacked the neighbor and bit its ear. firefighters were able to coax the monkey off the roof with the banana. the man was not seriously hurt. a massive fire in chicago.
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randall pinkston reports for wjz. his death comes exactly 100 years after another tragic day for the city. dozens of chicago firefighters dug through tons of debris, trying to find four of their colleagues. the firefighters were buried when the roof of a burning building collapsed. crews quickly called it in. >> mayday, mayday, emergency. we got traps. >> at least two firefighters were killed in the abandoned building. dozens were injured, including firefighters who rushed in to try to rescue the trapped men. >> every firefighter that was there did their best they could to save their brothers. and i could say, our major concern right now is our families. >> reporter: the sister of one of the injured firefighters showed up at the scene, searching for her brother. off-duty rescue workers also responded to try to help in the freezing conditions. firefighters were removed from different corns of the-- corners of the building. and they worked hard and got him out fast. >> investigators don't yet know what started the blaze.
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but say it's possible, squatters lit a fire to stay warm. wednesday's death come on the anniversary of another chicago tragedy. 100 years ago, 21 firefighters were killed during the union stockfire. randall pinkston, cbs news. the one-story brick commercial building had been abandoned for years. and utilities had long been cut off. more games -- gains on wall street. [ stock bells ringing ] >> the markets finish in positive territory. the dow is up 26. s&p up 4. nasdaq up 4 as well. let's go to new york where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. oil prices hit a two-year high. that's after the government said oil supplies dropped by more than 5 million barrels last week. that sent crude prices above $90 a barrel. and analysts predict a $100
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crude later this winter. >> the u.s. economy did not grow as quickly as expected this summer. the government says the economy grew at an annual pace at 2.6%. analysts were hoping for 2.8%. economists recently boost their forecast for this quarter, after strong november retail sales. sales of previously-owned homes rose 5.6% last month. that's the third increase in four months. even with that gain, sales are still down, about 10%, below what analysts consider a healthy pace. american airlines has yanked its listings from the move follows a legal dispute between the company. american wants to pay the online travel agency less for each booking. tickets already bought through orbit will need -- orbit will need be honored. for the first time in its history, all toys r us stores are open nation wide.
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the marathon began tuesday morning. that's your money watch. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. looking for last-minute christmas gift. the countdown has begun. >> it's the 15th year for the johns hopkins miracle ties. a special collection. bite young patients at the johns hopkins children's center. >> i did this. because i was in the e.r. and i decided to see the fish. and i was thinking of the holidays. and this was the one i want. >> they receive the money from the sales. this year, they were able to complete a software.
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>> everybody is talking about this holiday creation. >> i designed it. because i'm half jewish. and i wanted a dreidel. >> don't monkey around with anthony's tie. >> i want to sound like a monkey. >> want to show me how you sound like a monkey? >> i used to love dachshunds. i use to draw them when i was sick. >> the ties are on sale, at all joseph a. bank stores. >> gives us an opportunity to really give back to the community in a way that really matters. >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the mareacle ties are $59. since 1995, sales have reached more than $8,000. travel nightmare. what they're doing to make it right.
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how the national aquarium in baltimore is saving their lives. and how will the holiday weather affect your plans? we'll tell you in first warning weather. we asked you to deck the halls and you delivered. here's a look at some of the ones you sent in. to see a complete slide show, log onto
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well, the sun is out now, this afternoon. and believe it or not, it is our warmest day in quite sometime. today is only the third day this month that we've reached or gone above our averages. and take a look. so far today, we've topped out at 44 degrees. that matches our average on the day. and just feels so much warmer. because we have been so cold this month. as we head through the evening, the temperatures will start to drop going down. down to 42 already in baltimore. and also the combination of this northwesterly wind bringing in a new round of cold air. these winds start to really
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pick up. and the cold air will be on top of us for tomorrow. a couple of flurries out there. that was about it. it was the storm passing by north. that is going on now. it is what is going to kick the rounds to the north. and bring in the cold round of air for the next day or so. relatively calm weather around us. that will change later on this weekend. all because of this storm right here. it's the one we have been talking about a lot, with all of the stories coming in from the west coast. the thing is, we have been saying this. but we have to bring it up again. mammoth lakes, california. over 15 feet of snow, from the storm system. and the center hasn't even come on shore yet. that's why there are so many questions with what it will do our way. we have at least four days before it comes here. and we will keep you updated on that. i know there is a lot of excitement about it. make sure you check back in here during those four days. for the next few days. we'll take it day by day. there's the storm. the cold air really starts to come in tomorrow. high in the 30s. when you factor in the wind,
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it's going to feel like the 20s. and still breezy out there friday. but overall, pretty quiet. now, as we head into saturday, christmas day itself, there is some chance for flurries. but that's about it. if we do get this storm, it won't be until sunday into monday. this thing has slowed down a lot. and that's what we're watching. now, as far as the forecast goes with this, this is a window of movement, sort of like when we see hurricanes. if pea it takes the western side of this, we're getting a snowstorm out of this event. there is the chance, though, that it could go more off to the east. and we would get absolutely nothing at all. there are a lot of questions with this. make sure you check back in. it would be the sunday to monday time frame. until then, no relatively calm weather around here for your holiday travel. out on the waters, the wong thing we -- one thing we will be dealing with is the wind. gale warnings go into effect. tonight, windy one out there. we drop down into the 20s. tomorrow, we still get into the upper 30s. so cooler than it was today. but when that wind gets factored in, it will feel like
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the 20s most of the afternoon. then the wind starts to back off on friday. for christmas day itself, just a chance for flurries. not hay huge chance for christmas right here. all eyes on the storm. it will be sunday into monday. still an if. we have four days to make sure you check back in during the holidays. >> i have to agree with you. compared to what we've had. today feels like a heat wave. our threshold. by the way, we're down to the final few weeks of the wjz pro football challenge. adam may is at to update this week's standings. looks like it's going to be a fight to the very end to win this whole contest. after 15 weeks, mark viviano has 145 points. new mom, jessica kartalija, is next with 134. somehow i have 142 points. and then it's meteorologist tim williams trite now with 140 points. week 15 winner is miguel trilos. he got 15 out of 16 correct and
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also came closest to the score on scbdinate -- sunday night's game. and believe it or not, can you still sign up. come here to, scroll to the right-hand side of the page. click on the football challenge. back to you. with a win, the ravens are in the play-offs. of course, you can catch all of the action from your couch live here on wjz 13. and as soon as the game is over, be sure to stick around for reaction with the players on the post game show. wjz is your home. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. the greatest terror threat now comes from inside our own country. what does a home-grown terrorist look like? we'll examine why they're harder to recognize than ever before. as we put this latest danger in focus, tonight, only on the cbs evening news. military policy repealed. how the president paved the way for openly gay soldiers.
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and tragedy at rutgers. a student commits suicide. how his family is holding the university responsible. and which cars are the safest. we will have new crash test results. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with v v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 42 degrees. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. and it was an historic day in washington, as president obama signs a new law, repealing the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. as whit johnson reports from washington, it will still be months before gays and lesbians can serve openly in the military. >> with his signature, president obama repealed the 17- year-old military policy of don't ask, don't tell. the new law allows gays and lesbians to serve openly for the first time in america's
4:30 pm
armed forces. >> no longer will tens of thousands of americans in uniform be asked to live a lie. >> reporter: 500 people came to watch the historic signing. and they cheered the president as he entered the room. >> thank you. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: but for pepe johnson, the new law comes seven years too late. the former army sergeant was discharged in 2003, after admitting to superiors that he's gay. >> i really felt that don't ask, don't tell, this law, was wrong. >> reporter: president obama campaigned on a promise to repeal don't ask, don't tell. today's signing is just the first step. the military says it will take months to put the new law into effect. >> 2965 is adopted. >> reporter: congress passed the bill upon but not without a fight. some lawmakers and military leaders argued that it could become a distraction to troops on the front line. since don't ask, don't tell was put into effect in 1993, over 13,000 members of the military have been kicked out.
4:31 pm
>> i hope those soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, who have been discharged under this shrimp natory policy, will seek to reenlist, once the repeal is implemented. >> that's what pepe johnson plans to do. he plans plans to reenlist with plans to become a career soldier. whit johnson, cbs cbs news, the white house. >> the white house says president obama spoke tuesday to the joint chiefs. they have saidux even though some of them opposed the change, they will now work to implement it. parents say that the school failed to put policies in place that would have prevented their son's death. their son jumped off a bridge, after a roommate used a web cam, to watch him have sex with another man. two students have withdrawn from the school. rutgers university said it did
4:32 pm
nothing wrong. president obama finally holding his final news conference. it began by praising congress for reaching across party lines. and passing several bills during the past month. >> this has been a season of progress for the american people. that progress is rea reflection -- is a reflection of the message voters sent in november. a message that says, it's time to find common ground on challenges that face our country. it's a message i will take to heart in the new year. the president also says he feels the economy is out of crisis mode, and he will spend the next two years trying to jump start it by creating more jobs. a woman is behind bars in harford county, in connection with a violent attack with an elderly man. kai has details. kai? >> police say the woman stabbed 74-year-old almost a dozen times. it happened last night in havre de grace, harford county.
4:33 pm
police say this is an associate of a son who went to room with him. police say the 74-year-old was stabbed nine times in his head, neck, and arms. the man was rushed to bayview medical center. the woman is being detained. >> the man's injuries appear to be nonlife-threatening. the white house is doing a little damage control after the nation's top intelligence official isn't briefed on a major terror bust overseas. this, after the director appeared stumped on abc news yesterday when asked about a roundup of terrorist suspects in britain. officials say the director was focused on issues in korea and russian weapons treaty and had not been briefed since the man was arrested two days ago. elsewhere in great britain, holiday travelers are beginning to move after several days of cancellations. snow paralyzed airports. leaving thousands stranded. charlie d'agata has more. >> a series of blizzards dumped
4:34 pm
fresh snow across parts of britain. london's airports have been spared the worst of it. but as crews at london's heathrow airport still fell four days ago, teams inside the terminals struggled to clear the backlogs of thousands of passengers who have been stranded for days. >> i want to go. it's been my christmas with my family. that's it. >> the most overwhelming in my life. >> reporter: both are now open here at heathrow. but many are wondering, what took so long to clear up four inches of snow. the airport even turned down an offer from the british mittitary to help with the cleanup. >> the heavy criticism has prompted the head of heathrow to give up his six-figure income this year. >> passengers have been hugely disrupted. my focus needs to be entirely on getting them where they want to be. and that's what we're doing. >> the arctic conditions have also caused severe delays to
4:35 pm
britain's train network. international high-seed trains from britain to paris are on full speed now. forecasters say more snow is on the way for britain and parts of europe. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> airports across europe are slowly getting back on track today after several days of cancellations. well, back here in our area, it's still a little chilly. but there is no snow on the ground to speak of. taking a live look outside, where it is a clear winter day. but that could change sometime this weekend. bob is here now with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> one thing about this weekend that looks like saturday will be dry. it's sunday monday that we'll talk about in just a few minutes. take a look at radar. not much going on. there were a few stray flurries. when you open up a little bit. still a few light flurries in the mountains and west virginia. we did clear up very nicely and got up to 45 degrees today.
4:36 pm
that's actually above normal. and our low last night was only 32. hasn't been this warm in like 2 1/2 weeks. so i guess we were a little treated today. but we'll talk about the weekend when we come back in just a few minutes. the insurance institute for highway safety has released results from its annual crash test. this year, many more vehicles are rated as top safety picks from last year. cbs news pretta articla has more on which made the grade. ooze ooze from the insurance institute for highway safety. this year, 66 vehicles earned the highest rankings in four crash tests conducted by the institute, compared to this 27 last year. >> i think for consumers, it's good news. because there's lots of vehicles to choose from. they're in every market class. and every manufacturer offers one top safety pick. >> the institute conducts front, side, rollover and rear
4:37 pm
impact crash tests. >> these are the ways people get injured in the world. >> reporter: models that earn the highest designation must also have electronic stability control to help drivers avoid accidents. >> the big winners this year are hyundai, kia, and volkswagen audi. the combined brands can boast of nine vehicles that earn the highest ratings. >> reporter: another that improved the safety of its vehicles, toyota. last year, the brand had no models on the list. this year, eight made the cut. the institute added a new test last year to ensure the roofs of vehicles are strong enough to support four times the vehicle weight, which would help protect its outs in -- occupants in a rollover accident. >> it's not rocket science. some manufacturers have responded. and now we have 66 that meet that requirement this year. >> reporter: 40 cars, 25 sport utility vehicles and a minivan, won the top safety pick award. in washington, preeti arla, for
4:38 pm
cbs news. and you can find the full list of top safety picks on the institute's website, at if you're waiting for someone to get home from work right now, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin and wjz traffic control. we have trouble out there on the inner loop. we're looking at footage, sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. an accident there. that is between park heights avenue and groon spring -- greenspring avenue. also, closed to stevenson lane, where things are slowing down. you can expect at least 25 minutes to get through the delay. as far as the outer loop of the beltway goes, we are looking at plenty of congestion there as well. that's from providence road to the jones falls expressway. over on the west side inner loop, delays continue there as well. you're looking at about 25 minutes there from 95 to liberty road. as far as 95 goes, in the northbound direction, some slowing there from eastern avenue to the beltway.
4:39 pm
southbound 95, plenty of congestion there as well, from whitemarsh boulevard to the northeast corner. and in the whitemarsh area, we have a crash to watch out for. bel air road at wholesale club drive. city accidents include mcmecken at mcculloch. and now, let's take a live look as you can see, plenty of brake lights there on the beltway, west of york road. and here's another look at the accident on the inner loop, as you can see, it's going to be pretty difficult to get by. so expect at least 25 minutes to get through that delay. this traffic report is brought to you by checkpoint strike force. area police are arresting impaired drivers. so over the limit, under arrest. checkpoint strike back to you. as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz and checkpoint strikeforce are joining together to remind everyone to use a designated driver. go to and send us your comments.
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click on the safe driver link. scroll down on the right side. page. baltimore city police get into the holiday spirit. as they deliver toys in time for the needy. officers gathered to pack up lots of donated toys and foods. gathered it to deliver to waiting police cars in the area. the race to save the rarest sea turtles on the planet come to baltimore. they have almost eliminated the kemps sea turtle. adam may reports how the weather almost killed more. five critically endangered kemps sea turtles, after they were caught in a quick cooldown off the. >> the equivalent of hypothermia. they can open up to secondary infections. >> these turtles, some of the 200 that were late said they
4:41 pm
were flown to rescue programs, stabilized with drugs, and slowly warmed, 5 degrees a day. >> usually, they will just have different rooms set up at different temperatures. and they will just keep them dry in a box. since turtles breathe air, they can actually be dry dox, we call it, in a box. they don't necessarily need to be in water all the time. >> many of the underweight turtles are recovering from scratches. some also have pneumonia, but the aquarium is optimistic about recovery, hoping they'll be released to the wild this summer. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> kemps sea turtles are the smallest of the variety. and they will have more. officials say they are getting six more totals for a total of 11. if you're hanging your hat in howard county, odds are, you're doing pretty well for yourself. howard county is the fifth richest county in the nation. researchers say on average, residents bring in more than
4:42 pm
$100,000 a year. who took the top spots? fairfax county? loudoun county, and falls church, all located in northern virginia. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. hand sanitizer, supposed to be good for stopping the flu from spreading. also in healthwatch, why it could actually be dangerous. plus, bath salts as a substitute for heroin? a disturbing trend. and how is the weather outlook? bob has the updated forecast.
4:43 pm
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lots of lotions promised healing. this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works.
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a heartbreaking story. 19-year-old britney said she came home to find her cat cheddar barely moving in the driveway. cheddar's hind legs are now paralyzed and his fate is now unknown. >> there's a possibility of putting him down. i don't want to do that. but it's also not fair to him
4:46 pm
to have to live like this. >> hoping that someone has information about what happened her cat. an unusual substance is causing big problems for louisiana health officials. >> reporter: vic, it's being called fake cotain. they are concerned about a bath salt. that's because people are using the salt called cloud 9 and other similar products to get high. since late september, paranoia, hallucinations and even suicidal thoughts. of the major louisiana city, alexandria has the most reported cases. in today's healthwatch, members of congress are pressing federal regulators to complete a long awaited safety review of hand sanitizers.
4:47 pm
the anti-septic chemical is used in toothpaste. earlier, they were looking at this. other studies show it can encourage the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains. the fda hopes to review its safety assessment next spring. many couples trying to have a baby, they turn to invitro fertilization. but with ivf, more may not always be better. rapiddal pinkston has the story. >> allison mclauchlan tried ivf. she miscarried. doctors then tried three embryos to increase her chances. >> we said, okay, this is it. last shot. if this doesn't work, we're going to adopt. >> reporter: they had a healthy
4:48 pm
baby boy, named sean. but researchers find some women may want to consider transferring one embryo at a time, even if it reduces the fact of getting pregnant. >> the point they make is you can make up that difference by then using that embryo that you didn't transfer the first time in a later, frozen embryo transfer cycle. >> reporter: the study found that women who transferred one embryo were five times more likely to carry a baby to full term than women who had two implanted. those babies were less likely to be premature or low birth weight. many want more bithat can result in a multiple pregnancy, which can be risky for mom and her baby. >> those include low birth weights and complications. it can become expensive if needs to be repeated. >> they may not be able to
4:49 pm
afford many treatment cycles. >> that's why they decided not to do it again. happy to be a family of three. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> doctors recommend no more than implanting three or four embryos at once. snow and ice today. they unveiled an ice lounge. took more than 300 ponds to create this. now, it's literally the coolest place in minnesota. here, even the drinks are served up in glasses made of ice. officials say it will stay open until the ice melts. visitors have something waiting for them. despite cold weather, visitors have been lining up all week to get in on the fun. what kind of weather can we see during the travel week? bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming
4:50 pm
warning weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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if you thought today was a nice day, guess what. this is only the third day in the month 42 degrees, believe it or not. northwest winds, 13. the barometer, 29.86, currently holding steady. average low is 26. so today, all day long, was above normal. 70. 1989. look at that. 100 years later. four degrees above zero. interesting weather in december. 43 in washington. and a 20 for you in oakland. i don't think oakland has been above freezing the entire time this month. and if you want snow on the ground, that's where you have
4:54 pm
to go. frostburg west still has old snow on the ground. around much of central maryland, you'll find traces of snow here and there. winds, they had picked up a little this afternoon and evening. 13 and nine in ocean city. that's making it feel a little cooler. we did have a little bit of a cloud cover this arch, and a few flakes of snow falling across the mountains. not much here. out to the west, that storm coming out to california, going to head out to the great basin. eventually getting into the middle of the country from there. where does it go from that point? does it go to our south? does it go to the gulf and up the east coast? these are the question marks we still have for the latter part of the weekend. on saturday, it will be dry here. so christmas here. right now, we have a low- pressure thing. just a few clouds moving out.
4:55 pm
cloud cloudy and chilly. not until late sunday. by christmas eve, we have an area of low pressure somewhere around northern louisiana. eastern oklahoma. the other has it south of our region, moving off the coast. giving us practically no precipitation at all. at this point, it is a big question mark. we just don't know. wish i could tell you specifically. >> i'm out where it's going to go. there's a gale warning bay temp. 37. tonight, it will be a few clouds around. breezy. and dress for the colder temps. 24, with wind chills around 18 to 20. tomorrow, colder than today. it will be windy with a mixture of clouds and a high of only 37. it's going to feel colder than that the past few days. we set the air in place.
4:56 pm
all you need is the moisture the right time. then we'll see snow. at this point, i cannot tell you whether it's going to happen. but it would not happen saturday. it would happen sunday into monday. >> come on, march. don't forget to tune in for tonight's cbs primetime lineup. at 10:00, don't miss another episode of the defenders, followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. maryland's horse racing will post. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. a breakthrough in the stalemate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next.
4:59 pm
the new diesel that could -- deal that could keep horse racing alive in maryland. storm hitting the west coast. how it could affect us. arson investigation. i'm mike hellgren in northeast baltimore. with new clues about what may have led up to the killing of a man in this fire. >> chicago in for more on these -- check in for more on these stories and the breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. new hope, a potential lifeline for horse racing in maryland. >> tonight, the agreement that could keep the preakness alive. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm vic carter, in for mary bubala who is off tonight. a last-minut


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